The Story of Grass #2

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The Story of Grass #2

‘I liked The Story of Grass. I laughed until I stopped then started up again more firmly.’ - Bob Mortimer

'Thank you for The Story of Grass. It was really funny and looked great.' - Adam Buxton

'...frankly hilarious, new fanzine from James Harris and Gus Hughes. I say 'hilarious' and I stand by it. I genuinely guffawed my way through this and I usually never laugh at anything apart from toddlers hurting themselves. It owes something to the Vic Reeves school of comedy, and maybe a bit of early Viz, and I'm currently trying to work out if I can nick some of the jokes out of it to insert into other Crack articles without the authors finding out...' - The Crack magazine, #263, July 2010.

The Story of Grass is an A5 zine-shaped collision of art, comedy and bewilderment which has pages of bits, bobs, hippos, muppets, jokes, pictures, Abraham Lincoln, giant eyeballs, this and that, all sandwiched like ham between card covers.

Issue 2* is 28 photocopied pages of words and pictures and the spaces in between, lovingly arranged by Harris and Hughes for your bemusement. Want a copy? 3 squids to you sir or madam. We think that converts to around a million dollars if you're American.

Shipping is 50p.

All internet orders will ship with a free hand-made lovely thing which will probably involve folded card and pen.

*we never made an issue 1, we couldn't take the pressure.


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