The Story of Grass #3

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The Story of Grass #3

‘I liked The Story of Grass. I laughed until I stopped then started up again more firmly.’ - Bob Mortimer

'Wonderfully surreal and darkly comic' - Silent Words Speak Loudest

'Frankly hilarious. It owes something to the Vic Reeves school of comedy, and maybe a bit of early Viz' - The Crack magazine

Yes! Issue 3 of "Britain's Best Thing" is finally here!

32 photocopied pages, 8 of 'em in colour, this one is probably our second-best issue to date. It's got more giraffes and vikings than many other publications, and it has lots of brilliant jokes, amazing artwork and hardly any filler (apart from the rope joke, for which we apologise).

Shipping is 50p.

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